—Did Jim and Mary get married?

—Yes.They ????????????????? for three years.

A. married??? B. have married

C. have got married??? D. have been married


We’ll go in the same direction.Let me ????????????????? .

A. give you some feet??? B. give you rides??? C. give you a walking??? D. give you a lift


We were surprised that he didn’t ????????????????? at his birthday party.

A. put up??? B. come out??? C. show around??? D. show up


—What did Madam Curie win the Nobel Prize for?

—For her ????????????????? in chemistry.

A. invention??? B. discovery??? C. imagination??? D. advice


The thing flew very fast in the sky and soon it ????????????????? .Nobody knew what it was.

A. appeared??? B. disappeared??? C. arrived??? D. reached


????????????????? the end of last week,we had finished the work.

A. In??? B. By??? C. At??? D. To



Mike 乔迁新居,他邀请Jenny下周的某个晚上到新居共进晚餐,但Jenny下周日程已排满,不能前往。请你以Jenny的口吻回信婉辞,并表示谢意







Dinner with my cousion and uncle

Have classes

Join the jazz club with Alice

Need to work late




Study for an English test

Visit my grandparents

Party at Amy’s


Dear Mike,








Our cities are crowded. Now cities are 1.of cars. Something will have to be done to change i2.. What will the cars of tomorrow be 3.?

Little cars may some day 4. the place of today’s big cars. If everyone drives little cars in the future, there will be less 5. (pollute) in the air. We can breathe clean and f6. air. There will also be more space 7. parking cars in cities, and the streets will be less8. (crowd). The space for a usual car that we use today is enough for three little cars. The little cars will cost much less to own and safer 9. (drive). What is 10. [m?:], these little cars can go about 65 kilometers per hour.


Spring Festival is coming soon, which means gift-giving season is also coming. Are you thinking about buying gifts for the ones you love? According to Chinese culture, there are some taboos on gift giving that you should remember in mind.

Chinese people usually don’t give a clock to each other. A clock sounds as zhong in Chinese. It means “the end”. So giving someone a clock means “your time is up”. It is unlucky, especially for old people.

If clocks aren’t OK, maybe buying some fruit is a good idea. But remember not to buy pears. A pear sounds as li in Chinese. That means separation (分离). The umbrella also sounds the same as the word for separation in Chinese. Therefore, both pears and umbrellas are not good gifts.

It’s hard to choose gifts. So what is a right gift? A “red envelope” with money in it is the most popular gift in China. People give their friends red envelopes as a way to express their greetings. During the Spring Festival, the elder people will give children red envelopes to express their love.

Chinese people like to put amounts of money equal to certain “lucky numbers” inside red envelopes. For example, “520” means “I love you”, “1,314” means “forever love”, “666” means “hoping that everything goes well for you” and “888” means “wishing you wealth”.

1.___________ may have the meaning of “separation” as gifts.

A. Pears and apples??? B. Pears and umbrellas

C. Umbrellas and clocks??? D. Clocks and apples

2.You’d better not give someone a clock as a gift because it means that _____________.

A. your life is coming to an end??? B. you must finish something on time

C. your are an unlucky person??? D. you are getting old

3.The underlined word “taboos” in the first paragraph means __________.

A. 符号??? B. 禁忌??? C. 秩序??? D. 短信

4.The author writes the passage to __________.

A. tell people the Chinese traditional festival

B. discuss the different kinds of gifts

C. ask people to give others some expensive gifts

D. help people choose the right gifts


A famous speaker was in such a hurry to go to an important dinner. When he arrived and sat down at the head table, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten his false teeth.

Turning to a man next to him, he said, “I forgot to take my teeth. Could you help me?” The man said, “No problem.”He took out a pair of false teeth from his pocket.

“Try these”, he said. The speaker tried them. “Too loose,” he said. The man then replied, “I have another pair. Try these.” The speaker tried them and said, “Too tight.

The man seemed very patient and then said, “I have one more pair of false teeth. Try them.”After wearing them, the speaker cheered,” Perfect! They fit very well.”

Then he gave his address to the man and began enjoying his meal. After the dinner meeting, the speaker went over and thanked the man who had helped him. “I want to thank you for your help. Where is your office? I’ve been looking for a good dentist.”

The man’s face turned red, “Sorry, I’m not a dentist. I’m the local undertaker(殡仪员).”

1.How many pairs of false teeth did the speaker try in total?

A. One.??? B. Two.??? C. Three.??? D. Four.

2.What did the speaker think the man might be?

A. A dentist.??? B. A speaker.??? C. A teacher??? D. An undertaker

3.Why did not the speaker take his false teeth? Because he _______.

A. knew someone would help him

B. was too hurried to remember it

C. didn’t need them for the dinner

D. wanted to buy another new pair

4.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. The man was strange to the speaker.

B. The man was friendly to the speaker.

C. The speaker enjoyed his dinner though he didn’t wear the false teeth.

D. The speaker thanked the man for lending him a pair of perfect false teeth.


If you want to protect yourself,please remember the following ways.These ways will make you safe.

Don't use earphones when you are running in the school yard or in the street.You will keep yourself from the outside world and can easily get into trouble.

If a stranger is following you,please don't go home directly.You may be safer in the street than you are in your home or in a lift.If necessary,please go and get help from others.

When you take a bus,don't sit alone.You should sit behind the driver or with friends.Don't sleep.Your school bag should be carried towards the front of your body.Don't put it on your back.

Don't play with matches or candles,because it may cause fire.If it causes fire,please call 119.

1.We can't use ______ when we are running in the street.

A. radios??? B. watches??? C. earphones??? D. mobile phones

2.If a stranger follows you,you can't ______.

A. get help from others??? B. walk in the street

C. go home directly??? D. call your friends

3.We should carry our school bags ______ on the bus.

A. in front of our bodies??? B. on the floor

C. on our backs??? D. on the heads

4.If it causes fire,______.

A. please call 999??? B. please call 110

C. please call 120??? D. please call 119


Backpackers(背包客) usually carry big bags on their backs. They wear jeans and T-shirts. They use a guidebook and a map. They spend the least money to visit the most places.

Backpackers do lots of homework about the places they want to go to before setting out: food, hostels(青年旅舍), things to buy and so on. They also have to know where to catch a train.

In their big bag they put things like clothes and medicine. A tent and a sleeping bag are also necessary when they have to live outside.

Most backpackers choose hostels to stay in because they are cheap and comfortable. There are usually six or eight beds in each room.

Backpacking lets travelers see and know more. American Charles Veley was the world's most traveled backpacker. He went to over 190 countries in ten years! And he will travel on.

1.Backpackers do lots of homework EXCEPT_______.

A. buying food??? B. finding out the train station

C. finding the hostels??? D. learning to sing

2.What may not be in a Backpackers’ bag?

A. Clothes.??? B. Medicine.??? C. Bed.??? D. Tent.

3.Why do backpackers choose hostels to stay in?

A. Because there are sleeping bags.

B. Because there are big rooms.

C. Because hostels sell different food.

D. Because hostels are cheap and comfortable.

4.The writer mainly tells us ________.

A. what backpackers are??? B. where backpackers stay in

C. how backpackers do their homework??? D. who is the most traveled backpacker.


Food may help you understand your personality(个性). Choose your favorite food from the five foods.

A. noodles? B. hamburgers???????? C. apples??? D. fried chicken?? E. cakes

See the answers here.

A. You always try to make yourself different from others. Sometimes it’s not easy for you to have friends.

B. Your only interest is success, so you spend most of your time working and have no time to relax yourself.

C. There are so many new ideas in your mind. Also you like sharing them with your friends.

D. People think that you are shy,but you are a good listener. And you would like to give others a hand.

E. Because you are outgoing and are good at telling jokes, people like to make friends with you.

Does your choice really tell you who you are?

Just for fun!

1.We can read this personality test in a _________.

A. magazine??? B. news report??? C. menu??? D. story book

2.Larry often helps others. He might choose ________

A. noodles.??? B. fried chicken.??? C. cakes.??? D. apples.

3.From the answers, we can know that ________

A. if you choose noodles, you are similar to others.

B. if you choose apples, you are shy.

C. if you choose cakes, you always make others laugh.

D. if you choose hamburgers, you may have many new ideas in your mind.

4.The writer thinks _________

A. it is fun to choose your favorite food.

B. food can make your personality different.

C. we shouldn’t take the results seriously.

D. People in the world only have four personalities.


Once upon a time, there were two fishermen who were good at fishing. One day they went to a lake to____One of them____fishing alone by himself____the other was an outgoing person who loved to____friends with different people.

When he found that some tourists at the lake couldn’t catch any fish. “I will teach you how to do that” he said to them. “If you catch 10 fish, give me one. If you don’t get 10, you____give me anything.”

They feel like old friends at first sight. Both sides come to an a (an)____immediately.

After he finished teaching a group, he went to teach another, and____taught them some fishing skills. He asked one for every 10 fish that the tourists____. .

____of the day, the fisherman who kindly helped others received a (an)____basket of fish, and also got to know a large group of new friends. At the same time, he was respected(尊重) as____

On the other hand,____fisherman didn’t have much fun. When the others circled around his camp, he became even more____After fishing for a whole day alone, he looked into the fish basket, and found he had far____fish than his friend.

If we help others succeed, we harvest both____and friends.

1.A. play??? B. study??? C. fish??? D. swim

2.A. prefer??? B. enjoyed??? C. wanted??? D. would like

3.A. because??? B. when??? C. as??? D. while

4.A. talk??? B. be??? C. teach??? D. make

5.A. needn’t??? B. didn’t have to? C. need A. have to

6.A. agree??? B. disagree??? C. agreement??? D. disagreement

7.A. also??? B. as well??? C. too??? D. either

8.A. caught??? B. give??? C. gave??? D. catch

9.A. At the beginnin??? B. In the middl??? C. At the end??? D. In the end

10.A. little??? B. full??? C. empty??? D. lot of

11.A. a fisherman??? B. a teacher??? C. an engineer??? D. a farmer

12.A. another??? B. other??? C. the other??? D. others

13.A. helpful??? B. successful??? C. dangerous??? D. lonely

14.A. fewer??? B. less??? C. many??? D. more

15.A. success??? B. money??? C. fish??? D. time


—We are all looking forward to _______a computer class this week.

—Well, computer classes are always _______with students.

A. having, popular??? B. having, happy??? C. have, pleased??? D. have, happily


---Did Cindy do well in this exam?

--Sure, she will ________get an A! She is always hard-working at school.

A. hardly??? B. luckily??? C. probably??? D. sadly


Moms always __________ their kids to live happily.

A. hope??? B. think??? C. make??? D. wish


We need some lettuce to make Russian soup. Can you help me ___________?

A. cut it up??? B. cut up it??? C. cut down it??? D. cut it down


You’re late for school every day. __________you ___________come to school earlier tomorrow?

A. Will; able to??? B. Were; able to??? C. Can; be able to??? D. Will; be able to


I don’t know why we can’t have our English class outside in ________ fine day?

A. such a??? B. so a??? C. so??? D. such


I’m taking a trip to Thailand, so I want to get some ___________from the Internet.

A. education??? B. invitation??? C. information??? D. resolution


--- How sweet her voice sounds!

---__________. Many of us like her songs.

A. Thanks a lot!??? B. What a pity!??? C. I agree with you.??? D. I don’t think so.


—What would you like to drink, girls? —???????? .

A. Two cup of coffee??? B. Two cups of coffees

C. Two cups of coffee??? D. Two cup of coffees.


I think _______ a foreign language is not easy. You should _______ it often.

A. to learn; to practice??? B. learning; practice

C. learn; practicing??? D. learns; to practice


—There _________ a football match _________ January 10th. Shall we go to watch it?

Sure .let’s go.

A. will have, on ????? B. will be, on

C. is going to have, on D. is going to be ,in


Bill often makes us ___________, so we all like him.

A. laugh???????? B. to laugh???????? C. laughed?????? D. laughing


---- Did he go to school when he was young?

---- No, he taught ________ at school.

A. him???????? B. his???????????? C. he???????????? D. himself


There are more than _______ students in our school.

A. five hundreds of??? B. five hundred

C. five hundred of??? D. five hundreds


---Do you know______ girl riding a bike is ______ university student, Jim?

---Really? She is so young.

A. A; an??? B. The ; an??? C. A ; the??? D. The ; a




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