My father _______ mother _______ in the picture.

A. and; is??? B. with; am

C. and; are??? D. in; be


Are those _______ ?

A. Lucy??? B. Lucy’s

C. Lucys??? D. Lucys’


Jenny and I _______ good friends.

A. is??? B. are??? C. am??? D. isn’t


Your aunt’s son is your _______ .

A. brother??? B. cousin

C. sister??? D. cousins


My father’s father is my _______ .

A. aunt??? B. uncle

C. brother??? D. grandfather


This is a photo _______ my classmates.

A. in??? B. of??? C. at??? D. for


—What’s that?

—It’s _______ orange cat.

A. a??? B. an??? C. the??? D. /


—Is Nancy your sister?

— _______ .

A. Yes, he is??? B. Yes, she is

C. No, he is??? D. No, she is


They _______ his brothers.

A. are??? B. is??? C. am??? D. be


Oh, _______ is my aunt, Sally.

A. he??? B. she??? C. her??? D. his


Hello, Mr. White!? _______ my father.

A. It is??? B. This is??? C. This??? D. That


















(At break, Amy meets Ken in the hallway.)

Amy: Hi, Ken. Jane’s birthday is coming. Have you received her invitation?

Ken: Yes. 1.

Amy: Me too. I’m just thinking about the gift. 2.

Ken: Well, she likes writing. Why not get her pens and books?

Amy: 3. I think she’ll be happy to get them.

Ken: Yeah. By the way, how will you buy the gift? Will you ask your parents for money?

Amy: 4. I’ve already saved my pocket money.

Ken: You’re right. I think we should learn to manage pocket money. I just spend it on the things I really need.

Amy: That’s true. 5.

Ken: What a kind girl! Learning to save and use money are both important to us.


A. Yes, please.

B. Sounds good.

C. Of course not.

D. How about you?

E. Can you come to my party?

F. Have you got any good ideas?

G. I also use it to help others in need.

A. Yes, please.

B. Sounds good.

C. Of course not.

D. How about you?

E. Can you come to my party?

F. Have you got any good ideas?

G. I also use it to help others in need.





His friend will come back from England____________________this year.


I study hard_________________ I can get good grades.


The parents__________________their son once a month.


The Greens are___________________________to Beijing this weekend.


We are all___________________________our new English teacher.


In America, people often invite friends for a meal, a party or just coffee. People often say like these.“Would you like to come over for dinner?”

“We're having a party on Friday. Can you come?”To answer an invitation, they say "Thank you"and accept,or say“Sorry” and give a reason.

Sometimes, what people say is like invitations but which are not real invitations. For example,“ Please come over for a drink sometime”“Let’s get together for lunch soon. "They are not real invitations because they don't (C) about the date or time. They just show that the person is trying to be friendly. People usually answer "Sure, that would be great. " or "OK, thank you. "So next time you hear what is like an invitation, listen carefully. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?


__________________________please come over for dinner?




A. do??? B. agree??? C. talk??? D. say

4.Is it a real invitation if people say "Let’s get together for lunch soon”?


5.Why do people say this if they don't want to invite their friends to come?



When you have a dinner party,what should you do? The following will help you. Try to open the door for each guest (客人) .If someone else answers the door,go to welcome your guests as soon as you can. Always offer to take their coats and ask,Would you like me to take your coat?”

People often bring gifts like flowers or chocolate to a dinner party. Be ready to receive (接受) the gifts. Get a vase so that you can put the flowers in water. Never leave a guest unattended (没人照顾的) ,especially when there is only one of them. If there is more than one,they can talk to each other.

If the party is at home,a good idea is to have a toilet (洗手间)sign (指示牌)for people who don't know your house.

If the party is somewhere else,like a restaurant,try not to be too loud,because not everyone in the restaurant is at your party.

1.If others answer the door, you should_____.

A. go to receive their presents??? B. leave them talk freely

C. go to welcome your guests as soon as possible??? D. close the door for them

2.If people bring gilts to your dinner party, you should_____.

A. help them put the gifts on the table??? B. be ready to receive

C. get a vase??? D. put the flowers in water

3.If there is only one guest, you should_____.

A. make him/her sit at a table??? B. make him/her wait until you are free

C. never leave him/her unattended??? D. never talk to him/her

4.If you have the party at home, you should

A. invite lots of people??? B. try to be loud

C. talk with each other??? D. have a toilet sign for people who don't know your house

5.If you have the party in a restaurant, you should_____.

A. try not to be too loud

B. have a toilet sign for people

C. attend everyone

D. talk to everyone


Dear Jane,

I am having a dinner party at Garden Restaurant on December 1st, 2018 to celebrate my mother’s birthday. It is a great thing for our family. You are a good friend of my family, so my parents and I hope you can come.

The party will start at half past six in the evening. There is going to be a small concert. A band is performing some popular and classical songs at first. Then two 11-year-old boys are having a talent show. They’re showing a special kind of dance. At around eight o’clock, we are starting our dinner. We can talk and laugh during the dinner. And then we are taking some photos together. Every friend can get a red hat before leaving.

I know you’re always busy these days, but I hope you can make it.

1.Dave is having a birthday party for his _______.

A. daughter??? B. son??? C. mother??? D. father

2.A _________is performing songs at first.

A. girl??? B. boy??? C. waiter??? D. band

3.The dinner is starting at around ________.

A. 6:00??? B. 6:30??? C. 7:00??? D. 8:00

4.They are taking photos ________.

A. after dinner??? B. after the concert

C. before dinner??? D. before the concert

5.The underlined phrase “ make it” means _____.

A. keep healthy??? B. get there on time

C. feel better??? D. have fun


Dear Mr Monkey,

How is everything going? I'd love to_____you to my birthday party on November 16th. Are you_____then? Please do come, I really miss you. The other___ like Miss Giraffe, Mr Tiger and Little Koala all want to see you.too. We don't think the party will be fun____ you. You are such an interesting friend. The party will start at five. We will have a big____first. The zoo keeper will____a lot of delicious food for us. I hear she will also make a big fruit cake. Let's enjoy it___ .Then, we can watch TV in my house.____ we can play some games. Could you please bring your camera? I'm always dreaming of having a____with so many friends. I hope you can help me with that. I'm looking forward to_____ you.


Miss Panda

1.A. forget??? B. refuse??? C. accept??? D. invite

2.A. possible??? B. available??? C. healthy??? D. fresh

3.A. guests??? B. doctors??? C. musicians??? D. students

4.A. for??? B. unless??? C. until??? D. without

5.A. meeting??? B. meal??? C. event??? D. show

6.A. prepare??? B. peel??? C. mix??? D. shake

7.A. together??? B. already??? C. enough??? D. almost

8.A. And??? B. But??? C. Though??? D. So

9.A. walk??? B. photo??? C. trip??? D. mirror

10.A. finding out??? B. looking for??? C. listening to??? D. hearing from


Thanks for?????? me the CD. I like it very much.

A. send??? B. sent??? C. sending??? D. to send


Don’t waste water. Water is very important and no one can live????? it.

A. without??? B. with??? C. for??? D. in


Jenny is not busy today, so she?????? Joe’s invitation to join him for lunch.

A. accepted??? B. made??? C. refused??? D. replied


The man is too old. He?????? look after himself and has to depend on his son.

A. can??? B. can't??? C. must??? D. mustn’t


I got ___ invitation from Mary. She asked me to go to ___ concert with her.

A. a;a??? B. an;the??? C. an;/??? D. a;the


-Jim, would you like to go hiking with me next Friday?

-?????? .When shall we leave?

A. Yes, I'd love to??? B. Sorry, I can’t

C. Yes, I would??? D. No, I wouldn’t


I ________ his invitation because I had to look after my sister.

A. turned on??? B. turned down

C. turned off??? D. turned up


---Mom, shall we have supper now?

---Oh, we won’t have supper_______ your dad comes back.

A. until??? B. since??? C. while??? D. after


The boy is ____ thirsty(口渴的) and he drinks????? water.

A. too many; too much??? B. too much; too many

C. too much; much too?????? D much too; too much


Waiter, this salad goes bad. Could you please give me????? one.

A. other??? B. another??? C. others??? D. the other











Summers are usually hot, and winters are usually cold. Springs are comfortably warm and autumns are pleasantly cool.


After yesterday's fine sunny weather in Harbin, today will feel much more like a June day.

Very strong winds will_______ rain to Qiqihar and most of northern Heilongjiang in the morning. These winds will _____ during the afternoon to give a cool clear night. The rest of Heilongjiang such as Mudanjiang, Jiamusi,Heihe and Harbin will_______ a dry day, and in the southeast, the temperature will be higher than normal (正常的) for this time of year.? The evening will be ______ cold with slight (轻微的 ) wind at ______? The temperature will stay about 20.

Tomorrow will be a______? day with rain everywhere _____ around noon. In the afternoon the rain will clear(转晴) from the southwest, bringing fine______ to all parts and there may be some______ in the southeast of Heilongjiang. The temperature will become_______? in the night.

1.A. take??? B. bring??? C. carry??? D. stop

2.A. die away??? B. send up??? C. wait for??? D. get off

3.A. become??? B. lie??? C. be??? D. have

4.A. little??? B. few??? C. a little??? D. a few

5.A. times??? B. once??? C. home??? D. noon

6.A. cloudy??? B. nice??? C. sunny??? D. hot

7.A. from??? B. after??? C. since??? D. until

8.A. cloud??? B. night??? C. day??? D. weather

9.A. sun??? B. snow??? C. star??? D. rain

10.A. warm??? B. low??? C. cool??? D. high


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