. 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。


Gina played the same songs ________ ________ ________ ________.


Jerry, what are you ________ ________ under the bed?


There are ________ ________ fishes in the lake.


In the earthquake lots of houses ________ ________.


Do you ________ ________ ________ about building more schools?


. 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。


Gina played the same songs ________ ________ ________ ________.


Jerry, what are you ________ ________ under the bed?


There are ________ ________ fishes in the lake.


In the earthquake lots of houses ________ ________.


Do you ________ ________ ________ about building more schools?


Laura is at the airport(机场). She waits for her plane. Her plane is to Berlin, and it is 4 hours away. Laura walks around the shops.

After an hour she wants to go to the bathroom. But she doesn't find it. "Where is the bathroom?" she says to herself. She starts asking other people. Laura says to a man, "Excuse me, sir, could you please tell me where the bathroom is?" The man says, "You mean the restroom, right?" Laura says, "No, I mean the bathroom. ""Well, the restroom is over there." He says and walks away.

Laura doesn't understand( 明白). She asks a woman, "Excuse me, madam, could you please tell me where the bathroom is?" "The restroom is over there, "the lady answers and walks away.

Laura is confused, "What's wrong? I need to use the bathroom and they tell me to rest!"

Then Laura gives up(放弃). She feels tired and thinks she needs to rest.

She walks to the restroom. Now she is surprised. She realizes (意识到)the restroom is the name for a public (公共的) bathroom !

1.Laura will go to_______.

A. the airport??? B. the shop??? C. a restaurant??? D. Berlin

2.Laura asks ________ where the bathroom is.

A. a boy??? B. a man and a woman

C. two men??? D. nobody

3.What's the meaning of the underlined(加下划线的)word "confused"?

A. 兴奋的??? B. 明白的??? C. 迷惑的??? D. 发怒的

4.Which of the following is TRUE(正确的)?

A. It needs one hour to Berlin.

B. The man doesn't tell where the bathroom is.

C. Laura finds the bathroom at last.

D. You can't buy things at the airport.

5.The passage tells us________.

A. the culture(文化)about language??? B. the rules(规则)at the airport

C. the people are not kind??? D. the restroom is for rest




The pair of shoes_________nice. May I_______ ___________ ________?


We can use the______ ___________ ___________ _____________books.


Would you_________ to________ the children in__________ ________ ?


____________a lot__________your help.


We can____________a lot_________the books.



1.Would you like to help the children in some poor area.(作肯定回答)


2.They don't have many clothes.(改为肯定句)


3.We can use our pocket money to buy them these things.(改为一般疑问句)


4.I'd like a pair of shoes.(改为一般疑问句)


5.They are 49 yuan.(就画线部分提问)



--The shoes look nice. Could I _________? --Yes, of course.

A. try them on??? B. try on them??? C. try it on??? D. try on it


—Who would you like to buy this music box ______ ?

—I’d like to give it to Tom ______ his birthday gift

A. for ;? for??? B. as ;? as??? C. as ;? for??? D. for ;? as


--Are you ready for the party? --Yes. I have __________ food and drinks for it.

A. few??? B. many??? C. enough??? D. little


Let's go to the________ this afternoon. I want to buy a T-shirt.

A. flower shop??? B. clothes shop??? C. gift shop??? D. toy shop


Look! The kites in sky are in different _________ . Some are big and some are small.

A. size??? B. sizes??? C. colour??? D. colours


(2016山东青岛) ______ do you usually share happiness with?

— My parents and my best friend.

A. Who??? B. Whose??? C. What??? D. How


--Why don't you choose the red tie? --For me, it doesn't_________ my shirt very well.

A. choose??? B. keep??? C. fit??? D. match


This pair of trousers is__________. Can I ___________?

A. enough cheap; try on them??? B. cheap enough; try them on

C. enough cheap; try on it??? D. cheap enough; try it on


This school is different???? others. It has many out-of-class activities.

A. off??? B. from??? C. of??? D. for


..﹣I can’t find my eraserMay I use _______

﹣Of course

A. you??? B. your??? C. yours







5.试穿 ______________




提示:study for a test; have a piano lesson; go to the movies





She often______ ______in the mall with her friends on weekends.


They are going to______ ______ ______to Hawaii this summer vacation.


I hope______ ______ ______you soon.

4.如果你生病了, 你必须去看医生。

If you are ill, you______ ______to a doctor.


We are______ ______ ______ ______to a new house.


If an American friend invites you to his or her home for dinner, keep in mind these important rules.

First of all, arrive on time (but not early). Americans expect promptness (准时). It’s OK to be ten or fifteen minutes late but not forty-five minutes late.

Second, it is polite (有礼貌的) to bring a small gift. Flowers or candies are always good. If you take a special gift that is made in your own country, your friend will certainly enjoy accepting that.

Wearing beautiful clothes and a smile is good but not enough. Table manners (礼仪) are also very important. Do not open your mouth to talk when you are eating food. Also, eat with your mouth closed. When you want to get food that is a little far from you, do not stretch your hands to reach for it. Ask others to pass (传递) the food to you.

After dinner, don’t leave at once, but don’t stay at your friend’s house for too long, either. When your friend seems to be getting tired, tell him or her that you need to leave. The next day, call or write to say how much you enjoyed the evening.

1.When you go to an American friend’s home for dinner, it is OK to arrive ________.

A. fifteen minutes early

B. five minutes early

C. ten minutes late

D. forty-five minutes late

2.Which of the following is acceptable in American culture?

A. Talking with others when you are eating food.

B. Bringing candies when you visit their homes.

C. Leaving their houses at once after dinner.

D. Eating food with your mouth open.

3.What does the underlined word “stretch” in Paragraph 4 mean in Chinese?

A. 举起??? B. 清洗??? C. 伸出??? D. 摆动

4.How many table manners are mentioned in the passage?

A. Two.??? B. Three.??? C. Four.??? D. Five.

5.Where would you most probably read this passage?

A. In a diary.??? B. In a storybook.??? C. On a menu.??? D. In a magazine.


Yesterday Jane had a birthday party. This year she planned a very different kind of party for her birthday. It was a costume party (化装舞会). Everyone had to dress up as an animal, a thing, or a different person. Jane told everyone that they could not buy their costumes. They had to make the costumes by hand.

Jane knew what costume she wanted. She used the clothes she wore to dance class. She got out her black trousers and black shirt.

Then Jane borrowed some yellow paper from her mother. She put the paper around her legs all the way from her feet to the top of her legs. She also got a big pillow.

She put the pillow under her shirt to make her body look like round. After that, she made two wings (翅膀) and covered them with yellow paper.

All of Jane’s friends came dressed up. One boy came as a panda. He painted big black eyes on his face. Jane’s best friend Laura came as an ice-cream. She had covered herself with brown paper. On her head she wore a big pink ball that looked like strawberry ice-cream.

Jane’s friends all had a good time making their costumes. At the party, they tried to guess () what everyone was. Jim, one of Jane’s friends, came as Pac-Man, a character in a computer game. Jim fooled (使上当) everyone at the party and he won the prize.

1.What was special about Jane’s party?

A. Everyone had to bring their pets.

B. Everyone must bring an old costume.

C. Everyone had to make their own costume.

D. Everyone must buy something for the party.

2.What did Jane probably dress up as?

A. A bird.??? B. A computer.??? C. A panda.??? D. An ice-cream.

3.From the passage, we know that Laura ________.

A. put a pillow under her shirt

B. wore a big ball on her head

C. covered herself with pink paper

D. ate lots of ice-cream in the party

4.Why did Jim win a prize according to the passage?

A. Because Jane loved his costume best.

B. Because nobody could guess what he was.

C. Because his costume was the most popular.

D. Because he taught others how to make costumes.

5.The passage is mainly about ________.

A. a party??? B. a competition??? C. Jane’s friends??? D. Jane’s costume



Dear Sonia,

I am having a party for my 13th birthday. Can you come to my birthday party? It will be a wonderful party. You can listen to some pop music and you can see a big birthday cake. I think it’s much bigger than your backpack. It is as big as a desk. Did you see such a cake? It will be a special party, too. It’s also a ball. You can dance to the nice music. But you have to take a partner (伙伴). The party begins at 7:00 p.m. on Friday. Welcome to my house. You will enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to take a boy!


1.This is an invitation __________.

A. to a boy??? B. from Sonia

C. to Sonia??? D. to Lily

2.There is a very __________ at the party.

A. big backpack??? B. small desk

C. big cake??? D. big desk

3.The underlined word “ball” means __________.

A. basketball??? B. football

C. dancing party??? D. match

4.The party will be held (举行) __________.

A. in the evening??? B. next Friday

C. on the weekends??? D. in the morning

5.If Bob goes to the party, he may need to take a __________ with him.

A. boy??? B. girl

C. dog??? D. ball


Last weekend I decided to visit one of my friends in London. I caught the ____ from my town in the center of England, and after two hours I ____ Euston — the main train station in London.

Then I took a bus and got to my friend’s house. After I met him, we ____ to go shopping in busy Oxford Street. There were many shops there. ____ of us bought a pair of beautiful sunglasses.

Later, we were hungry, ____ we went to Brick Lane, a street in East London famous for Bangladeshi restaurants. We ____ Chicken Tikka Masala (咖喱鸡块) with rice. It was so ____ that we wanted more. 

The next day we visited Buckingham Palace. We took ____ standing outside the Queen’s House using my phone. Next, we had a picnic (野餐) in Hyde Park and played there ____.

Soon it was my last day! My train wasn’t until the afternoon, so we got up early and went to Tate Modern, an art gallery (美术馆). There we saw paintings ____ Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein and other famous artists! 

At 5 o’clock I got on my train at Euston. Two hours and three cups of tea later I was back to my home!

1.A. plane??? B. train??? C. bus??? D. subway

2.A. crossed??? B. chose??? C. reached??? D. found

3.A. forgot??? B. refused??? C. promised??? D. decided

4.A. Some??? B. Both??? C. None??? D. Most

5.A. but??? B. unless??? C. so??? D. if

6.A. ordered??? B. sold??? C. saved??? D. touched

7.A. simple??? B. expensive??? C. delicious??? D. common

8.A. food??? B. bags??? C. photos??? D. exercise

9.A. seriously??? B. probably??? C. quietly??? D. happily

10.A. by??? B. for??? C. with??? D. over


—Jake, let’s meet at 7 o’clock in the evening.—OK. ________.

A. Let’s make it??? B. Catch you later??? C. That’s it??? D. I think so


Sam, how could you ________ such a fantastic job? You’ll be sorry.

A. turn down??? B. wait for??? C. bring out??? D. take up



—It’s Friday the 20th.

A. What is it??? B. What’s the date today??? C. What’s it like??? D. What’s the time


—Do you get bored to stay at home?  

—Yes. I look forward to ________ back to school as soon as possible.

A. go??? B. reach??? C. going??? D. reaching


—________ you go to the mountains with me tomorrow, Jane?

—Sorry, I ________ study for my history test.

A. Might; must??? B. Can; must??? C. Might; can??? D. Can; can


I like the saying, “Hope for the best, ________ the worst, and take whatever comes.”

A. prepare for??? B. care about??? C. find out??? D. disagree with


—My favorite writer is Mark Twin.

—Really? ________ do you know about his works?

A. How often??? B. How many??? C. How long??? D. How much


If you would like ________, I’ll get a ticket for you.

A. come??? B. coming??? C. to come??? D. to coming


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