—Can I come today or tomorrow?

??????? . I’m busy today and tomorrow.

A. Either??? B. Neither??? C. Each??? D. None


—Kate, are you ____only child your family?

—Yes, but _____new baby is on the way.

A. the; a??? B. an; the??? C. a; the??? D. the; the


My brother likes playing ______ basketball and I am good at playing ______ guitar.

A. / ; the??? B. the ; /??? C. an; the??? D. the; a


---Don’t you often listen to _______ radio?

---No. In fact, I haven’t _______ radio.

A. a ; an??? B. / ; the??? C. an; /??? D. the; a


---This is ______ film I’ve told you about several times.

---That’s great. I’ve never seen ______ more moving one.

A. a ; a??? B. the ; the??? C. the; a??? D. a ; the


---What would you like for _______ breakfast, Mr. White?

---Three pieces of bread with ______ cup of black tea, please.

A. a ; a??? B. / ; the??? C. a ; the??? D. / ; a


Jack bought ______ book. _______ book is very interesting.

A. an; The??? B. a; The??? C. an; A??? D. a; A


He is _______ honest boy, so we all like him.

A. a??? B. an??? C. the??? D. /


To make it clear, I must go up to _______ second floor and ask him _______ second time.

A. the; a??? B. the; the??? C. a ; the??? D. a ; a


There is ______ report in today’s newspaper. It’s about Shanghai International Film Festival.

A. a??? B. an??? C. the??? D. /


---What colour is _______ orange??? ---It’s ______ orange.

A. an; an??? B. an; the??? C. the; /??? D. / ; an


--- By the way, have you got ______ e-mail address?

---Oh yes, it’s [email protected]

A. a??? B. an??? C. the??? D. /


---Hello, Jim! May I have _______ word with you?


A. the??? B. a??? C. an??? D. /


---When shall we hand in the exercise book?

---______ sooner, _______ better.

A. A; a??? B. A ; the??? C. The ; a??? D. The; the


Please pay attention to your spelling, you’ve dropped _______ “d” in the word “Wednesday”.

A. an??? B. the??? C. a??? D. /


---Tina, could you please play ______ piano for me while I’m singing?---With pleasure.

A. a??? B. an??? C. the??? D. /


---What does your father do??? ---He is _______ art teacher.

A. a??? B. an??? C. the??? D. /



1.There is ______ picture of ______ elephant on _______ wall.

2.This is _______ useful book. I’ve read it for _______ hour.

3.______ elephant is much heavier than _______ horse.

4.______ doctor told him to take _______ medicine three times _______day.

5.Let’s go out for ______ walk.

6.It’s too hot. Open ______ door, please.

7.There is ______ woman over there. _______ woman is Meimei’s mother.

8.______ sun rises in ______ east.

9.______ Changjiang River is _______ longest river in _______ China.

10.Are you going to do it _______ second time?

11.Washington is _______ capital of ______USA.

12._______ Turners are living at the end of ________ Turner Street.

13.He joined the army in _______ spring of _______ 1998.

14.______ old man is ______ teacher. He likes playing _______ basketball after _______ supper.

15.After I had _______ quick breakfast, I hurried to school.

16.Are _______ sheep kept by _______ farmers for producing _______ wool and ______ meat?

17.They went to _______ People’s Park, but we both went to ________ People’s Cinema yesterday.

18.I often watch _______ TV in ________ evening.

19.________ day of ________ December 20, 1999 is Monday.

20.I think _______ math is more important than any other subject.



Family member

Favorite sport


Time of playing sports






Xia Lin


注意:1. 短文须包括以上信息,可适当发挥;

2. 文中不得出现真实的人名、校名;

3. 词数:60词左右。(开头已经给出,不计入总词数)

Hello, everyone! My name is Xia Lin.





Gina isn’t ____ and her books are ____.


____ is the____ month of a year.


She ____ like soccer, ____ it’s boring .


We have skirts____ purple ____ only $20.


____ are two nice ____ of my family.



1.That is a tomato. (变为复数句)

____ are____

2.My father has breakfast at home.(变为否定句)

My father____ ____ breakfast at home.

3.She has science on Tuesday and Thursday. (对划线部分提问)

____ ____ she have science?

4.What’s the price of the trousers?? (同义句转换)

____ ____? are the trousers?

5.This is my sister.(变为一般疑问句并做肯定回答)

--- ____ this your sister?

----Yes,____ is.


Hi, I am Joe. I’m 13 years old.1. I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but now I live in Los Angeles, USA.I have two brothers and a sister. My brothers are Carlos and Mattias and my sister is Giovanna. My parents are Luisa and Johan. We live in a big house(房子).2. There is a big bookcase ,a blue bed and a small sofa in it. Carlos and Mattias are in a room. They have yellow beds ,but they don’t have a bookcase .My sister’s room is tidy . 3.

In my free time ,I like reading and playing sports. My favorite books are about music and sports .4. On Saturdays, I have a music class. On Sundays, I like to play basketball with my father and my brothers.

I like traveling(旅行)very much .? 5. We have visited many cities ,like London ,Tokyo ,New York and Paris. We will(将要)go to Beijing next time(下次).

A. I’m a student in a middle school.

B. But in my room there are books everywhere.

C. My favorite room in the house is my bedroom.

D. I go on trips with my family every holiday(假期)

E. I always play soccer or basketball with my friends after school.


Cindy is my friend .She is an English girl of 12.She is in Chengdu now. She likes Sichuan food very much---hot pot(火锅)and Mapo tofu. But she doesn’t like hamburgers. At school she likes Chinese .Her friends say Chinese is difficult. But she thinks? difficult things are interesting? .

She does some things after school .She watches TV after finishing homework. She plays baseball with her friends on Saturdays. On Sundays ,she plays ping-pong with her father .She thinks it is great.

Cindy has some erasers, keys and hats. She has 11erasers in some colors :white ,red, yellow,green and black. They are in the pencil box on her desk. Look! 8 keys are in it,too! Cindy likes nice hats. She has two yellow hats,four red hats ,two blue hats and a black hat .The look nice on the table.

1.Cindy likes??????? .

A. Hamburgers and hot pot??? B. hot pot and Mopo tofu

C. Mapo tofu and hamburgers??? D. Hamburgers and chicken

2.?????? think Chinese is difficult.

A. Cindy’s brothers??? B. Cindy and I??? C. Cindy’s friends??? D. Cindy

3.Cindy plays ping-pong ??????? .

A. on Sunday??? B. on Fridays??? C. on Saturdays??? D. on Monday

4.???????? are in her pencil box.

A. Hats and erasers??? B. Pens and keys??? C. Erasers and keys??? D. Keys and hats

5.Cindy has ????? hats in different (不同的)colors.

A. 11??? B. 9??? C. 8??? D. 10


Nancy is an English school girl. She studies in a middle school. She has a little brother. His name is John. John is only four. Nancy likes him very much. Today is Sunday, Nancy wants to do her homework. She takes out her pencil-box and opens it. “Oh, dear! Where’s my pen?” She can’t find her pen. She goes to ask her brother in his bedroom.

“John! I can’t find my pen. Can you see…Oh, what are you doing with my pen?”

“I’m writing to my friend, Peter.” John answers.

“But how can you? You don’t know how to write!”

“It doesn’t matter(不要紧). Peter can’t read.” John says.

1.How old is Nancy’s brother?

A. Five.??? B. Four.??? C. Six.??? D. Three.

2._____ can’t find her pen.

A. Nancy??? B. Peter??? C. John??? D. Friend

3.Where’s John?

A. In the school.??? B. In a shop.??? C. In his bedroom.??? D. In her father’s car.

4.Which is not right?

A. Nancy finds her pen in John’s room.??? B. John can’t write.

C. John is writing with her sister’s pen.??? D. Peter can read.

5.John and Peter are ________.

A. friends??? B. English??? C. at home??? D. school girls









Hamburgers and bread

Eggs and chicken






Chickens and tomatoes



Eggs and bread

Hamburgers and vegetables

Hamburgers and chicken


1.What does Jane have for lunch?

A. Salad??   B. Chicken?????? C. Ice-cream   D. Fruit

2.Sonia likes __________ for dinner.

A. salad and chicken??   ??????? B. chicken and tomatoes??   

C. an egg and fruit salad?   ??? D. chicken and vegetable salad

3.What does Sonia like for dessert?

A. Tomatoes.   B. Salad.??   C. Oranges??   D. Ice-cream.

4.__________ eat(s) eggs for breakfast.

A. Jane and Sonia??    ??? B. Jane and David    

C. Sonia and David?    ??? D. Jane

5.David likes__________.

A. hamburgers and bread.?????????? B. vegetables and ice-cream.

C. hamburgers and ice-cream.??????? D. carrots and bananas.


Bill is thirty years old. He works in a _______. He is a teacher. He goes to work _______ Monday to Friday every week. Usually he _______ at six in the morning. After ________, he takes a bus to work. He is a(n) _______teacher, so he often plays basketball, ping-pong and volleyball _____his students. He has _______ classes every day. Two are in the morning and two are in the_______. He likes his students and his students like _______, too. He often plays sports, so he is very ________. He usually eats dinner at home and then he watches TV ________ two ________. On weekends, he often _______to the movies. He ________ they are _________.

1.A. shop??? B. home??? C. school??? D. hospital

2.A. for??? B. on??? C. at??? D. from

3.A. gets up??? B. does homework??? C. gets home??? D. goes to bed

4.A. breakfast??? B. dinner??? C. lunch??? D. a breakfast

5.A. math??? B. P.E.??? C. English??? D. Chinese

6.A. for??? B. at??? C. with??? D. in

7.A. two??? B. three??? C. four??? D. five

8.A. morning??? B. afternoon??? C. night??? D. evening

9.A. he??? B. his??? C. him??? D. her

10.A. busy??? B. healthy??? C. free??? D. lovely

11.A. for??? B. on??? C. with??? D. in

12.A. months??? B. days??? C. weeks??? D. hours

13.A. go??? B. come??? C. goes??? D. comes

14.A. thinks??? B. knows??? C. asks??? D. likes

15.A. boring??? B. difficult??? C. funny??? D. interesting


.---Jack, this is your Jacket. ????????? .

---Thank you,Mom.

A. Let’s go .??? B. Where is it?

C. Here you are.??? D. What color is it?


---Do you have any events in your school?

--Yes. The Art Festival is ______ October. And it’s ______ October 21st.

A. in , in??? B. on, on??? C. on, in??? D. in , on


Look! There are many ???? on the desk.

A. tomatos??? B. wathchs??? C. salad??? D. strawberries


---Thank you for ____ me .

---You are welcome. If you have something to ask me, please call me????? 36584682.

A. helping, for??? B. helping, at??? C. help, at??? D. help ,for


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